Foot Cream

For most shoppers, quality and price are the top two factors when choosing a foot cream. Remember that these two features are not always linked, so consider looking for a store brand product containing the same ingredient list as the more pricey designer cream if possible.

Foot Care Cream

Also, remember to shop for a cream that meets your specific needs, whether it is rough, irritated skin or cuts and calluses. Some products, like QVC’s Pedikur, work by softening the skin of existing calluses, allowing them to literally be scraped away. Other products are designed as a daily moisturizer to prevent future problems.

Diabetics often develop foot problems, in severe cases leading to neuropathy. HealthiBetic Foot Cream is one cream specially designed to treat the unique foot problems diabetics suffer, but might also be useful for anyone who is affected by chronic cold feet or Raynaud’s syndrome. Barielle, an industry leader in nail, hand, and foot care, has also developed a daily cream proven to reduce the chapped feet, dry, cracked heels, calluses, and blisters that often affect diabetics.

Foot Cream

Some cream systems, like the Bliss Ultimate Foot Duo Kit, come with special socks to lock in moisture. Those wishing to take advantage of this idea for less should apply their favorite foot cream right before bed and then put on a clean pair of cotton socks. Your feet and your wallet will thank you!