Foot Care

Proper foot care consists not only of caring for irritated foot skin, as many people might assume, but also choosing the right products to prevent foot problems in the first place.

Foot Care

People suffer from foot problems for a variety of reasons, from poor foot care to bad footwear decisions. More chronic issues like flat feet, bunions, ingrown toenails, and diabetes related foot problems are often due in part to genetics, but can lead to serious discomfort if not properly cared for.

Like everything to do with the body, maintaining healthy habits will help aid the feet. Smoking can affect blood flow to the extremities, and unhealthy eating can lead to conditions such as gout.

Because most people need to use their feet every day, foot health is especially important. According to the University of Iowa College of Medicine, one in six people in the US suffer from foot problems, many of these related to poor footwear choices. Woman should avoid wearing high heels if they are prone to foot problems, and men should choose comfortable, size appropriate shoes.

Both sexes may consider orthopedic shoes if their foot problems persist, coupled with a visit to the podiatrist or pedorthist. Without proper foot care and regular doctor visits, minor soreness can develop into more serious problems like stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, and Morton’s neuroma over time.